Fujifilm opens Jakarta studio to teach camera techniques

22, Oct. 2018

JAKARTA, NNA – FujiFilm Indonesia has opened a workshop studio in Jakarta for single-lens reflex camera users in response to growing demand for FujiFilm X-T3 and other high-end models.

The 150-square meter Fujifilm Learning Center is equipped with strobes and can accommodate up to 40 people. Professional photographers from Indonesia will teach weekend classes, both beginner and advanced.

“Fujifilm consistently provides added value to loyal users of Fujifilm cameras and the photographer community,” said Takashi Miyako, corporate planning general manager of PT Fujifilm Indonesia. “This is Fujifilm's first learning center in Indonesia and in the world.”

Anggiawan Pratama, electronic imaging marketing manager, said the company would add weekday classes for beginners in future.

"We will help the community of Fujifilm camera users improve their photography skills with practice in the studio," said Anggiawan.