Automatic teller machine maker Oki opens plant in Hai Phong, Vietnam

03, Oct. 2019

HANOI, NNA – Japanese electrical machinery maker Oki Electric Industry Co. began operating a Vietnam plant this month to meet rising automatic teller machine orders at home.

Oki Vietnam Co., its wholly owned manufacturing unit established in June, will produce ATMs and their modules in Trang Due Industrial Park in the northern port city of Hai Phong and ship all products to Japan, Kazuhiro Tanaka, a spokesman in Tokyo, told NNA Wednesday.

Japanese banks are stepping up efforts to streamline branches and ATM networks across the country due to the growing use of online banking services and the spread of cashless payments, but “the (ATM) orders to Oki are increasing,” he said.

The Vietnamese unit will initially make 1,000 ATM units in half a year, according to Tanaka.

It plans to increase the number of workers from about 100 now to some 500, a statement released on Sept. 20 said.

The scale of output will ramp up along with the workforce, but it depends on what products the factory produces. The plant will be fully operational in 2022, the spokesman said.

Oki produces telecommunications equipment and multifunctional printers among other items.

Besides Vietnam, the Tokyo-based firm manufactures ATMs in Japan and China. A plant in China supplies the banking machines to Japan, India and Southeast Asian nations in addition to the domestic market, according to Tanaka.

Oki picked Vietnam as the emerging economy in Southeast Asia has various advantages in its tax regime, costs and road and telecommunications infrastructures compared to other nations in the region, the statement said.