Denso and affiliate starts try out cold-storage transport service in Indonesia

02, Oct. 2019

JAKARTA, NNA – Japanese auto parts maker Denso Corp. and its affiliate Global Mobility Service (GMS) began testing a temperature-controlled small cargo delivery service in Indonesia on Tuesday in a bid to meet local transport demand and help drivers.

PT Global Mobility Service Indonesia, GMS’s local unit, experimented first for six months with refrigerated trucks in greater Jakarta, delivering items such as fresh produce to stores and households, a GMS spokesman told NNA.

The local service operator rents the fleets to local drivers and increases the number of the trucks according to demand. The provider expects delivery demand, for example, from wholesalers to ship perishable foods to supermarkets, he said.

Denso provides small freezers loaded on the trucks, while GMS monitors delivery activities through its remotely controlled internet of things data analysis service, according to a joint statement on Monday.

GMS, established in 2013, has set out to offer financial services to low income earners through various mobility services. Denso has injected capital into GMS twice since 2017.

The Japanese venture firm now intends to build up a scheme of leasing refrigerator trucks and collecting rental fees from drivers in Indonesia.

“We hope to create job opportunities and boost incomes for poor and low income individuals who have not been able to clear credit checks while contributing to improving cold chain logistics services in Indonesia,” another GMS spokesman told NNA.

GMS declined to comment on Denso’s shareholding ratio and investment sum in the Tokyo-based financial service firm.

In 2015, GMS lent money to Filipinos to buy tricycles to use as taxis and earn income for repayment. The company says it did the same in Cambodia and Indonesia last year.