Correct: Japan civil work material maker Maedakosen allies with Germany’s Huesker for sales in Asia

02, Jun. 2020

Removes 7th and 8th paragraphs in the May 24 story

(Photo Courtesy of Huesker)
(Photo Courtesy of Huesker)

SINGAPORE, NNA – Japanese manufacturer of materials for civil engineering works Maedakosen Co. has teamed up with Germany’s Huesker Synthetic GmbH for the sales of each other’s products in Asia looking to cooperate in manufacturing in the region.

Maedakosen, headquartered in Sakai in the western Japan prefecture of Fukui, said it had concluded a sales alliance with Huesker and its Singapore-based affiliate Huesker Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Maedakosen said in a statement that it and Huesker are aiming to utilize its sales network mutually and pursue cooperation in manufacturing to complement each other’s products in the region and develop new markets.

The Japanese and German firms have joined hands against the backdrop of steady growth in Asia, although the region is still being affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Maedakosen said in the statement that it sees a potential increase in investments in infrastructure, noting that the region enjoys at least 5 percent economic growth annually.

Under the alliance, Maedakosen’s civil engineering and construction materials needed for disaster recovery, materials for seashore and riverbank protection, and landscape protection products, among others, will be marketed in Asia and beyond through Huesker’s sales channels. Huesker’s geosynthetic products will also be sold to Maedakosen’s customers in Asia.

Maedakosen and Huesker will also cooperate with Huesker Asia Pacific and the Japanese firm’s manufacturing hub in Vietnam in promoting marketing activities to meet the needs of Asian customers.

The alliance is expected to contribute to Maedakosen’s business performance in the long run, although it will have only a minor effect on its profits in the business year ending in September 2020, the Japanese partner said in the statement.

Huesker, based in Gescher, northwestern Germany, produces geosynthetics and sells them in more than 60 countries and regions. Maedakosen has served as a general sales agent in Japan for Huesker for many years.