Mitsubishi re-launches L300 truck with Euro-4 engine in Philippines

01, Oct. 2019

Senior officials with Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. pose with the new L300 model on Sept. 27, 2019.
Senior officials with Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. pose with the new L300 model on Sept. 27, 2019.

MANILA, NNA – Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors Corp. has launched its L300 light commercial vehicle in the Philippines almost two years after halting production to comply with a stricter vehicle emission regulation.

The Japanese carmaker suspended production of its previous L300 model in 2017 as the Philippine government required new vehicles to be Euro-4 compliant in line with an effort to reduce carbon emissions after 2018.

The carmaker has a target of selling 1,000 to 1,500 vehicles per month in the Southeast Asian country, said Alvin Dalida, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp.’s first vice president for sales & marketing.

Mitsubishi has sold about 190,000 units since its release in the Philippines in 1987, Dalida said in an interview with NNA on the sidelines of a launch event in the Laguna province city Santa Rosa, south of Manila on Friday.

The market still has “potential”, he said, adding that the L300 is one of the most popular light trucks among micro, small and medium firms in the Philippines.

“Apparently a lot of people were requesting for us to bring it back because it is very reliable,” Dalida said . “It’s very dependable.”

The new model is priced at 804,000 pesos ($15,520) for a cab and chassis, more than the cheapest of old models, which sold for 625,000 pesos, Dalida said.

Light commercial vehicles accounted for 56 percent of total new vehicle sales in the domestic automobile market from January through August this year, according to the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines and the Truck Manufacturers Association.

Mitsubishi’s Philippine unit produces the Mirage hatchback, Mirage G4 sedan and L-300 models at a plant in Laguna Province for sale to the local market. It’s exploring whether to exporting some of its car models to other Southeast Asian countries.

“We are targeting next year, or year after,” Mitsuhiro Oshikiri, president and CEO of the Philippine unit, told NNA. “But we have not finalized it yet. Preparation is needed, and we are now studying it.”