Japan’s Sojitz invests in remote healthcare system startup in Singapore

29, May. 2020

(Image courtesy of Sojitz)
(Image courtesy of Sojitz)

SINGAPORE, NNA – Sojitz Corp. has invested in Tetsuyu Healthcare Holdings Pte. Ltd., a Singaporean startup firm that has developed a remote healthcare system, for an undisclosed amount via third-party allocation as the Japanese trading firm aims to enter the primary care industry and expand its business into Asia.

The system, developed by integrating home healthcare management in Japan with advanced information and communications technology and artificial intelligence image processing technology, is already being offered in Singapore, Sojitz said in a press release Tuesday.

It helps medical professionals to conduct clinical monitoring and consultations remotely. The system also stores patients’ daily health information and medical records in the cloud and uses AI technology to assess skin conditions and create treatment plans, Sojitz said.

The system is currently being offered to about 20 medical facilities in Singapore. It is also being piloted with the University of Tokyo and other medical facilities and is expected to be introduced to the Japanese market as early as the first half of 2021.

Sojitz also aims to promote this telehealth system in China and Southeast Asia by utilizing its global network.

“Sojitz seeks to move into the primary care industry and create new combined medical care and ICT/ AI business opportunities that leverage 5G through the new telehealth platform it has acquired from this investment,” the company said in the release.

Primary care is a local healthcare service where a family doctor or other clinician provides comprehensive and continuous medical services which include prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Tetsuyu Healthcare Holdings was founded in 2015 by Ng Li Lian, a senior banking professional, and Shinsuke Muto, a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tokyo.