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J-Power allies with Malaysia's Malakoff to promote power projects in Southeast Asia, Mideast

17, Sep. 2019

KUALA LUMPUR, NNA - Japan’s Electric Power Development Co. (J-Power) has joined forces with Malaysia’s largest independent power producer, Malakoff Corp. Bhd., to explore joint power projects in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

The major Japanese power utility and Malakoff signed a memorandum of understanding on their strategic alliance, including the joint development of new power projects, J-Power said in a statement released on Friday.

The alliance will draw on the synergy between J-Power’s “operational and technical expertise in the thermal, hydro, and renewable power markets” and Malakoff’s “position and experience in the power and water markets in Malaysia and neighboring countries,” the statement said. J-Power may also provide engineering consultancy services to the Malaysian company.

J-Power is eager to acquire new development projects in Asia where there is burgeoning energy demand, in addition to its endeavors in the well-developed U.S. market. Through cooperation with Malakoff, J-Power aims to expand its total overseas owned capacity to 10 million kilowatts by 2025, the statement said.

J-Power’s current overseas owned capacity is about 7 million kw. In addition, the company is taking part in projects to build a coal-fired thermal plant in Batang Regency in the Indonesian province of Central Java (with an owned capacity of 680,000 kw for J-Power), the Triton Knoll wind power farm off the coast of Britain (215,000 kw) and the Jackson gas power plant in the U.S. state of Illinois (1.2 million kw).

Malakoff has an effective generating capacity of 5.91 million kw at home and invests in several power and desalinated water projects overseas in areas such as the Middle East and North Africa, the statement said.