Engineering firm Chiyoda cites “AI Optimizer” for boosting LNG output in Indonesia

13, Sep. 2019

JAKARTA, NNA - Major Japanese plant engineering firm Chiyoda Corp. has provided artificial intelligence to help boost production of liquefied natural gas in Indonesia, in what it describes as a world-first achievement.

The deep-learning AI system, developed by Chiyoda for PT. Donggi-Senoro LNG (DSLNG), has demonstrated helping to increase production at an operating DSLNG plant by the end of July while it was continually tested and improved, Chiyoda said in a press release on Wednesday. DSLNG is developing LNG in Central Sulawesi Province.

The increase, acknowledged by both Chiyoda and DSLNG, is equivalent to several percent of DSLNG’s annual output, a Chiyoda spokesman told NNA. “Chiyoda plans to apply the technology to other plants in the future.”

The targeted increase rate has been achieved by adopting the AI program and fully utilizing existing sensors without modifying the plant’s equipment, he said.

Applying AI technology to an operating LNG plant and then realizing an increase in its production is unprecedented in the world, the statement said. The AI system, named LNG Plant AI Optimizer, has learned a wide range of operating data at the DSLNG plant and is regularly advising plant operators of the most effective way to manage operations. It has consequently helped maintain the plant’s productivity at a high level contributing to the increased production, the statement said.

“We will continue to improve the analytical capability of the system. We want to be able to confirm its effects in about half a year,” the spokesman said.

DSLNG is owned 59.9 percent by a joint venture between Japanese trading house Mitsubishi Corp. and Korea Gas Corp. of South Korea, with the remainder held by two local companies -- subsidiaries each of the state-owned PT Pertamina and PT Medco Energi Internasional, an oil and gas exploration and mining firm headquartered in Jakarta.

The LNG plant began production in 2015 with an annual output of about 2 million tons.

Yokohama-based Chiyoda is collaborating with technology venture Grid Inc., its strategic partner based in Tokyo, integrating Chiyoda's expertise in plant engineering and Grid's competence in developing deep-learning AI technology.