Chemical maker Denka to double resin output for display panels in Singapore

11, Sep. 2019


SINGAPORE, NNA - Japanese chemical manufacturer Denka Co. will double its production capacity of MS resins in Singapore to meet the demand in the Asia-Pacific region that is growing as the size of liquid crystal televisions and monitor screens continues to increase.

A unit of equipment for producing polystyrene at a plant -- owned by Denka’s Singapore subsidiary, Denka Singapore Pte. Ltd., and located on the southwestern island of Jurong -- will be converted into a unit to produce MS resins, Denka said in a statement on Monday. About 2.7 billion yen ($25 million) will be invested in the project.

MS resin is a copolymer primarily composed of methyl methacrylate and styrene monomer.

The plant already has a unit for production of MS resins with an annual output capacity of 70,000 tons. The conversion project will boost the plant’s total MS resin production capacity to 140,000 tons.

The new unit is scheduled to start operation in the first half of 2021 and the products from the plant will be sold in the Asia-Pacific region. The plant will discontinue polystyrene production after the renovation, the statement said.

MS resins for optical use, such as backlight guiding plates for liquid crystal televisions and monitors, are growing in demand because of the increase in screen size. Additionally, demand for MS resins for non-optical use such as cosmetic containers is significantly growing as well, the statement said.

Denka has decided on the conversion from polystyrene to MS resins by taking into account the global oversupply of polystyrene, the statement added.

In 1997, Denka started polystyrene production in Singapore. It has now five subsidiaries, including a regional headquarters and a research arm, and four plants there. The plants produce styrene resins including MS resins, conductive auxiliary agents for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, spherical silicas used as seal materials in semiconductor components, and wig yarns.