Chipmaker Rohm to produce ICs for automotive LED display drivers in the Philippines

24, Aug. 2019

MANILA, NNA - Japanese chipmaker Rohm Co. will manufacture new LED driver ICs that are installed in liquid crystal display backlights for motor vehicles, utilizing its existing production lines in the Philippines to meet growing demand for clearer display panels.

Production of the new driver IC, coded BD81A76EFV-M, will start in October at a monthly rate of 100,000 units at the plant of Rohm’s subsidiary, Rohm Electronics Philippines Inc., located in the province of Cavite, the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

The plant’s existing production lines will handle both the pre- and post-processes of the project. Rohm has been shipping product samples since July at a before-tax price of 800 yen ($7.5) apiece, the statement said.

Liquid crystal displays have been growing in demand in the automotive industry where car navigation screens and heads-up displays that project images directly onto the windshield, need an upgrade in clarity and design, Rohm said citing one reason for mass-production of the new chip.

“We will supply the IC to Japan and around the world,” a Rohm spokesperson told NNA. “Makers of motor vehicles and panel modules will be among its major buyers.”