Digital marketing service firm Repro of Japan sets up regional HQs in Singapore

15, Aug. 2019


SINGAPORE, NNA - Japanese digital marketing service firm Repro has set up a subsidiary in Singapore as its first overseas base to expand its business primarily in Southeast Asia, with the aim of making the company the industry leader in Asia and the Pacific.

The wholly owned subsidiary, Repro Singapore Pte. Ltd., was established in June with a capital of 40 million yen ($376,000), which is due to be increased around February 2020, Repro announced on Tuesday.

The unit’s office, located in the Japanese co-working space at a central Singapore office complex, Odeon Towers, started operation with a staff of three including two Japanese, Repro officials said. The staff will be reinforced with two local employees in September.

Founded in 2014, Repro has provided a marketing platform that analyzes the profiles and behavioral records of mobile application and website users to optimize push notifications, messages within applications, web messages and ad servings on the basis of analysis results. The company has more than 6,500 companies in 59 countries and regions around the world as clients -- mainly e-commerce, telecommunications and fintech (financial technology) service firms.

Repro has decided to expand abroad since it has a sufficient track record in sales in Japan, while it already has clients overseas where there is a huge mobile market, the officials said. It has selected Singapore for its overseas base because the city-state has the largest number of Repro clients among foreign countries and is the business hub of Southeast Asia, they added.

In Singapore, Repro sells its own-brand platforms, supports their installations and operations, and provides services including contracted marketing activities utilizing mobile apps, the officials said. The Singapore center will also oversee operations of Repro bases to be set up in other Southeast Asian countries.

With the establishment of the Singapore unit, Repro will accelerate its expansion abroad, the officials said. It will set up subsidiaries in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia by February 2020 as well as bases in other Southeast Asian nations in the next two to three years. Repro also plans to move into Hong Kong, India and elsewhere in the future.

“In Japan, we have the top share in the marketing platform industry,” Repro Singapore Director (CEO) Tsubasa Sasaki said. “As a Japan-originated global corporation, we aim to become number one in the industry in the Asia-Pacific region as well.”