Actress Jung Yoo-mi requests Japanese cosmetics maker DHC to withdraw endorsement contract

13, Aug. 2019

SEOUL, AJU - Jung Yu-mi, an actress in South Korea, decided to sever a beauty model contract with DHC, a Tokyo-based manufacturer of cosmetics and health food supplements, which has become the prime target of a boycott by consumers over hate remarks from Japanese right-wing figures.

In a statement on Monday, Jung's agency, Ace Factory, expressed “deep regret over absurd remarks” made through DHC's subsidiary, DHC Television. Jung, 35, has maintained a beauty model contract with DHC Korea, posting pictures of DHC products on her SNS.

“However, we felt the seriousness of DHC's remarks and asked for the withdrawal of Jung Yu-mi's portrait rights and the suspension of her modeling activities,” the agency said, adding DHC-related posts were already deleted from her SNS.

Angry online users have blamed the actress for endorsing DHC products with her social media account bombarded with an unexpected barrage of criticism after a Seoul-based cable channel reported on August 10 that DHC's YouTube channel defamed South Korea by hosting debating shows involving far-right speakers.

DHC products were added to a list of items which are subject to a nationwide boycott campaign over Japan's export restrictions that began on July 4.