Thailand targets to become ASEAN’s processed food hub

30, Apr. 2020


BANGKOK, VNA - The Cabinet of Thailand has approved an action plan for food processing industry development for 2019-27 and a supporting budget of 6.6 billion baht (203 million USD) with a hope of turning the Southeast Asian nation a processed food hub in the region.

According to Rachada Dhanadirek, the government spokeswoman, the goal is to upgrade the processing of targeted food such as rice, fishery products, vegetable and fruits, livestock and biofood as well as beef up food packaging and digital technology to support innovative food.

The plan also centres on developing innovative food to commercial scale; food development and smart packaging development.

The Thai government is also committed to assisting all levels of entrepreneurs to access local and global markets by using existing digital platforms; developing local economy and infrastructure to support entrepreneurs and food tourism as well as upgrading Thai food to achieve world-class standard.

With the action plant, Thailand hopes to become a processed food centre in ASEAN and one of the top 10 food exporters to the global market by 2027.

According to the spokeswoman, the Thai government plans to allocate 6.6 billion baht in nine years, with the private sector likely to contribute an estimated 2.22 billion baht.

The government will also establish a national committee to supervise food processing development to ensure that it aligns with the action plan.

The government aims the food industry to generate 1.42 trillion baht (43.8 billion USD) worth of income by 2027, with related food industries such as packaging contributing 4.5 trillion baht (138.74 billion USD) and investment worth 48 billion baht (1.47 billion USD) a year.

Thailand is currently the 11th-largest food exporter in the world market, with food shipments generating 33.1 billion USD in 2019, up 3 percent from 2018.- VNA