Japan’s Takasaki city setting up Singapore unit to promote farm exports

31, Jul. 2019

TOKYO, NNA – The rural Japanese city of Takasaki, north of Tokyo, is opening an office in Singapore to boost its export of farm produce in Asia.

“The city wants to sell high-quality agricultural products from Takasaki City and expand our global reach,” Mayor Kenji Tomioka said in a statement,.”

A Takasaki City official said on Wednesday that the Singapore unit will start operating on August 1 in Tanjong Pagar in the Central Business District.

Two Japanese will be employed to promote products such as plums and pears grown or processed in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture, to retailers, hotels and restaurants, targeting affluent consumers.

The official said the city will assess demand and has not set sales targets.

Antenna Corp., a privately-owned consulting firm, will manage the Singapore unit under a consignment contract with Takasaki City.