YouTube broadcaster Ichikara to stream Japanese virtual reality characters in Indonesia

23, Jul. 2019

JAKARTA, NNA - Ichikara Inc., a Japanese virtual YouTuber business venture, will launch an operation in Indonesia, dubbed “NIJISANJI id,” to stream virtual reality characters targeting the huge youth population there.

Indonesia is the second country outside Japan after China to host Ichikara’s virtual YouTuber (VTuber) business, as anime and other entertainment content originated in Japan are gaining popularity among young Indonesians who are seen as ready to accommodate a new culture, the company said in a statement on Friday.

Ichikara said it will appoint four VTubers for the new project and select by audition “virtual livers,” who will perform the voices behind the characters and their motions. The names of the characters will be chosen by those who pass the audition, which are being held from July 19 to Aug. 4 with applicants recruited from among men and women aged 17 or older who reside in and around the capital city of Jakarta.

VTubers are virtual characters created by computer graphics to be displayed on YouTube and other video platforms. In August last year Shinta VR, which creates and handles virtual reality content, became the first company in Indonesia to launch a VTuber project.