NNA Asia top stories Tuesday, Nov. 13

13, Nov. 2018

TOKYO, NNA – The following are the top stories from NNA Asia for Tuesday, Nov. 13.

Suzuki Motor to produce Japanese-spec mini vehicles in Pakistan

TOKYO, NNA - Suzuki Motor Corp., Japan's leading mini vehicle maker, says it will start producing the 600 cc vehicles in Pakistan early next year, in a bid to take the unique Japanese specifications global.

Suzuki wants to boost its position in Pakistan, as automakers like Nissan Motor Co. and Hyundai Motor Co. consider entering the market, a company spokesman who declined to be named, told NNA.

Suzuki also believes it will benefit from economies-of-scale if it can sell the Japanese-standard mini vehicle overseas. In addition to the smaller engine, a mini vehicle must be within 3.4 meters long, 1.48 meters wide and 2.0 meters high to be eligible for the lower purchase price and ownership tax in Japan.

JCB, Malaysia’s CMIB to issue credit card for affluent Indonesian women

JAKARTA, NNA – Japanese credit card company JCB Co. and its Malaysian partner PT Bank CIMB Niaga are issuing their third, joint credit card in Indonesia, now targeting affluent women as they advance in the workplace.

CIMB Niaga JCB Precious Card is available to women with monthly income of at least 12.5 million rupiah ($840). It comes with health insurance coverage up to 100 million rupiah for breast and cervical cancer and offers no-interest repayment installments for spending on beauty care and fashion.

Yangon-Mandalay railway upgrade to complete in 2024, slash travel time

YANGON, NNA – Myanmar has begun work on upgrading the railway linking the country’s commercial capital Yangon to the second largest city Mandalay, aiming to reduce travel time and enhance transport capability.

The 620-kilometer railway improvement project, backed by a 263-billion yen ($2.3 billion) soft loan from Japan, is scheduled to be complete in 2024, cutting travel time from the current 15 hours to eight hours, while quadrupling passenger train frequency and boosting cargo shipment capacity about sixfold.