Toyota suspends plants in 70% of car-producing countries on Covid 19 pandemic: Kyodo

06, Apr. 2020

Image by Rattakarn_ from Pixabay
Image by Rattakarn_ from Pixabay

TOKYO, NNA – Toyota Motor Corp. is suspending factories in over 70 percent of its car-producing countries around the world, hit by the global coronavirus pandemic.

The Japanese auto giant halted or plans to stop factory operations in 19 out of 26 countries, including five plants in Japan, as of last Friday, according to a Kyodo News report.

Toyota Motor has already decided to stop all car plants in North America till April 17, while suspending all factories in six European countries by April 20, with some exceptions. In Latin America, the company will stop production in Argentina and Brazil till late April, the report said.

In Asia, the automaker halted car plants in five of 10 countries and regions. It also suspended production in South Africa, its biggest manufacturing base on the continent, according to the report.

Toyota has taken faster action and stronger financial positions compared to the 2008 global financial crisis, a Toyota official, who requested anonymity, was quoted by the report as saying.

However, the total output of the car plants suspended by last Friday accounted for more than 4 million of Toyota’s global total at over 9 million units in 2019, the report said.