SKC Solmics approves investment to build semiconductor cleaning plant in China

02, Apr. 2020

Image by axonite from Pixabay
Image by axonite from Pixabay

SEOUL, AJU - SKC Solmics, a semiconductor material manufacturer in South Korea, will build a semiconductor cleaning plant in Wuxi, a city near Shanghai in eastern China. The plant will be set up within this year for commercial operation in 2021.

SKC Solmics, a unit South Korea's SK Group, said on Wednesday that its board approved an investment of 30 billion won ($24 million) to set up a branch in Wuxi where SK hynix operates a microchip factory.

Semiconductor cleaning is a process that removes impurities by cleaning various parts and equipment. SKC Solmics plans to stabilize its semiconductor cleaning business in China before making inroads into other markets.

Cleaning is an effective and efficient process to remove contaminants and impurities from semiconductor components without damaging the wafer. There are various means of cleaning semiconductor wafers using wet chemistry-based cleaning technology and etch cleaning technology.