Staffing agency Copro opens Singapore unit to source construction engineers for Japan

01, Apr. 2020


SINGAPORE, NNA – Japanese staffing agency Copro-Holdings Co. opened a Singapore unit on Wednesday to find and train construction engineers in Southeast Asia to address a labor shortage in Japan.

Copro Globis Pte. Ltd., the firm’s first overseas unit, will work toward sourcing engineers and building a profitable business model to arrange talents for Japanese and other Asian firms, it said in a statement on Tuesday. The wholly-owned Singapore unit has capital of 25 million Singapore dollars ($17.5 million).

The move comes as Japan falls short of manpower in a variety of sectors due to an ageing and declining population, the statement said.

The Singapore unit may eventually set up local branches in other countries for daily operations, Hiroshi Isobe, head of administrative division at Copro’s Nagoya headquarters, told NNA on Tuesday. He did not name specific countries.

The Singapore arm might take time to launch all of its planned activities amid the escalating global Covid-19 pandemic, Isobe added.

Copro, established in 2006, contracts out more than 1,800 engineers, mainly for construction and plant engineering. It has 20 branches in Japan.